Communication Compliance in a Post-Covid World

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about many changes to people worldwide as several businesses had no choice but to adapt their work environment to continue. The shift required companies to find other ways like the rise of work-from-home culture that moves away from long-standing conventional practices.

With these changes, communication became one of the biggest challenges as video conferencing tools were used to host meetings and other communication methods emerged, like mobile instant messaging applications like Telegram, WeChat and WhatsApp. Along with this, communication compliance also became a significant aspect of the new setup. Businesses are improving call monitoring regulations and compliance guidelines to ensure safety and data privacy, affecting customer service and business-related interactions.

Evolution in compliance modelling driven by data and AI

Regulatory compliance teams typically handle multi-jurisdictional complexity, and there has been a shift for a platform-based approach that can address global regulatory requirements. Amid the evolution from a rapid response and react model to an always-on continuous compliance model, comprehensive data strategies have developed and grown into prominence to ensure that the employee and the client’s needs are met. With this, companies can utilize the available data on captured conversations and interactions to determine and identify an employee’s health and mental state and their ability to handle a client.

Covid-19 and the trends in communication compliance

Businesses have revised conventional practices and policies rapidly during the pandemic as many employees started working from remote locations. It has driven a transparent communication channel for the client and employees that consider geographic and cultural differences to ensure security and clarity of communication.

In considering the diversity of communication channels, the right choice presents the preference and inclusion of mobile instant messaging (IM) tools as different trends have also risen when it comes to communication compliance. Geographic and cultural preference of the client has become criteria in selecting tools in communication. The focus should also lean towards functions like Telegram recording in ensuring compliance in monitoring messages and conversations for business purposes.

For more information about communication compliance in a post-pandemic world, here is an infographic provided by TeleMessage.