All about getting a car license in Dubai!

Sophisticated and integrated transit networks provide easy and safe movement within Dubai and the region. Dubai has a modern and highly advanced infrastructure that offers a high level of connectivity throughout the region. You can obtain an international driving license if you are a UAE citizen and want to drive in Dubai, but please review the terms and conditions before applying.

For some countries, it may be possible to transfer their driving license to a UAE license if they already have a driving license issued by their country, in compliance with UAE-approved terms and conditions. IDL, or a foreign driving permit, is the way to go if you have a UAE passport and want to travel abroad or if you are a tourist and want to have a car license Dubai.

It is a legal document that you can obtain either online or at one of the offices in Dubai. The application process for IDL is straightforward, as you just need a few documents. If you have a valid license from your country of residence, an international driving permit (IDP) lets you drive in another country. In many countries, where the 1968 Convention has been accepted, domestic driver’s licenses can be used in foreign countries. An IDP is not required when your domestic driving license complies with the 1968 Convention.

What things can help you get a car license in Dubai?

If you are interested in getting a new driver’s license, a resident or citizen must attend driving training courses and pass the required tests at a driving institute in the related emirate.

A new driving license will be issued for two years to GCC citizens as well as other nationalities after completing all required classes and passing all tests. The whole process can begin from driving schools authorized by the GCC.

The legal age and medical fitness requirement for applicants who are above the legal driving age and seeking a new driving license apply to customers, citizens, and residents. It depends on which vehicle you are considering getting a driving license for what age you must be to become a driver.

  • Getting a traffic file opened in a reputable driving center in the emirate concerned
  • Complete all required driving lessons at an approved center of the traffic department Obtaining an eye exam at an approved center of the traffic department
  • Obtain the driving license from the traffic authority after passing all tests set by the relevant traffic department.

Residents of the UAE and the Gulf Cooperation Council can renew their driving licenses online for 10 years. UAE and GCCC citizens can renew their licenses online for 5 years. The fines you have accrued in traffic offenses must be settled before you renew your driving license. Delay their license renewal for more than one month and they will be fined 10 AED.

Driving licenses can be obtained in Dubai by anyone 18 years of age or older. People between the ages of 18 and 21 can apply for a probationary license. Driving license applications should be submitted in Arabic to the Road Transport Authority.

You will get your temporary driving license from the RTA through a driving school authorized in Dubai. A temporary license is required at all times during the training for you to drive. Getting Dubai driving license is quite difficult. You have to pass a few tests, and your driving school is responsible for registering you for the theory test after you pass all of the internal tests, including the yard parking. You can also go through the RTA’s driving test.

You can save lots of time and hassle by preparing thoroughly for these tests before you take them.

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